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Coastline Equipment Can Custom Design & Build Marine Tanks To Suit Your Needs

Our fuel and diesel tanks range in size from 4 gallons to larger than 1400 gallons.

They are custom-designed for your specific needs.

We can supply inspection plates, sight gauges, mounting tabs, sending units, lifting eyes or
return fittings upon your request.



The large tanks include a baffle system to provide slosh protection and overall stability.  Baffles give the tank strength, and slow the slosh from side to side, or front to rear.




Our tanks are tested to meet Coast Guard standards.


First the fuel tank is filled with 3 psi of air and submerged under water in our test tank. Once that test is finished, it gets a second test outside the test tank with a soap solution to check for leaks. Our larger tanks that do not fit in the test tank get two soap solution tests.


Need a Custom Solution?

We have engineers on site to aid in the design of durable tanks to fit your specific needs.
Contact us Today to begin the process or answer any questions